What’s your refund policy?

Absolutely no refunds.

Do the products on this site come with a license & do I need one?

  • No license comes with the products sold on this site.
  • You do not need a license to use any of the products on this site.
  • You do need a license from the developer to get support for this products.
  • You do need a license from the developer to receive automatic updates from the WordPress dashboard however you can update these products manually by logging into your account on this site and downloading them manually.


How do I update the products I bought on this site?

To update your product login to your account on this site and download the plugin and install the zip on your site though WordPress or upload the unzipped files via FTP. If your looking for automated updated through WordPress I suggest you buy a license through the developer of the product.

General Information

Wildemuse offers you the same plugins from Woothemes or other Developers but at a fraction of the cost . This is because the plugins are under GPL licence and you get the exact same plugin . We can offer these plugins and themes at such a great price because what you are paying for when you buy from Woothemes or other developers is the support. Since Woothemes and other plugin developers have created great plugins sometimes there is no need for support . That’s why we can offer the same plugin 75% off of the original price.

All downloads available at Wildemuse.com have been developed by one or more third parties (“developers”). Wildemuse is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by or in any way related to 3rd party developers. Downloads are provided by Wildemuse.com in full compliance with the General Public License (GPL). Names, expressions and trademarks are used to the extent necessary to truthfully and accurately identify products according to the fair use doctrine. Wildemuse will not guarantee the functionality of downloads nor shall it be held liable for any damages caused by installing downloads. Wildemuse will not provide support for downloads – if you need support, please consider the purchase of an applicable support license from the respective developer

Do you offer support for the plugins and themes sold on this site.

We do not offer any support for the plugins or themes sold on this site, if you need support I suggest you buy a license from the developer.